I've decided to jump, toe-to-ankle first into the world of self-publishing for a book whose back cover describes it thus:

"During an 18-month stay in Vietnam, author David Joiner and his girlfriend become sidetracked by an orphaned kitten suffering from a broken leg and living by a bridge where dog- and cat-thieves roam. After rescuing the kitten and arranging for it to be sheltered, however, they grow increasingly attached to it and take it into their home, only for its real battle for survival to begin. But this isn't the only cat in need of their help. In STRAY CAT CITY Joiner movingly and humorously chronicles their attempts to help various street cats before it's time for them to leave the country."

20% of sales on the book will be donated to Animal Rescue and Care (ARC), which helps unprotected animals in Saigon, Vietnam. The book is thus in part an attempt to bring more funds to the good work this organization does. Since I've priced the Kindle version at $2.99, and the paperback at $7.99, I'm hoping readers will find the cost of the book reasonable, and also appreciate the fact that buying the book helps support an excellent cause.

The Kindle version of Stray Cat City can be found at https://www.amazon.com/Stray-Cat-City-David-Joiner-ebook/dp/B01H18BMOQ

The paperback version is at https://www.amazon.com/Stray-Cat-City-David-Joiner/dp/0997715510

AuthorDavid Joiner