For anyone interested in having a sneak peek at my work-in-progress, which is a novel set in contemporary Kanazawa, Japan, please see the following website, which was kind enough to publish it this month.…/07/novel-extract-david-joi…/

As the introduction to the extract says:

“Attached is the beginning of an untitled novel set in Kanazawa, which I’m hoping will be about an expatriate’s attempt to untangle himself from modern life in Japan and instead dedicate himself fully to a more traditional existence, putting him in conflict with his Japanese wife and others whom he’s close to.

“It needs a lot of work still. And it may not end up being my final choice of an opening for the novel – or may not appear at all in the book once it’s finished (if it ever is). But this is what I have now, along with a few other finished and unfinished chapters I’m playing around with.”

AuthorDavid Joiner